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Don't Risk Hiring the Wrong Person

Naturally, you want to hire the best-qualified person to fill a job vacancy in your company. Good employees are your most valuable asset and the key to your success. Equally important, you cannot afford to hire the wrong person. A well-written, graphically appealing, seemingly complete résumé may catch your eye, but it may not tell the entire story of the person behind the qualifications and accomplishments.

In this day and age, when our country and the corporations and small businesses that dot its economic landscape are vulnerable to scammers, hackers, unethical executives, workplace murderers and thieves, and even terrorists, you must ensure that you protect your business, its reputation in the marketplace, and your employees in every hiring decision you make.

Pre Employment Screening Protects You
and Your Employees

Founding Member of the National Association of Professional Background ScreenersPre-employment screening is critical in America in the 21st Century. Quality screening makes better hiring decisions possible. In turn, good decisions save your company time and money, reduce turnover costs, and limit losses from theft and employee-related negligent hiring lawsuits.

VeriData Services is a national provider of pre-employment screening services, as well as background checks, credit reports and tenant screening. Customers of VeriData use the reports and analysis we compile through our proven methods to spot potential problems, make prudent hiring decisions and attract a strong, productive work force.

Get the Information You Need Quickly Over the Internet

VeriData has access to federal, state and county data across the U.S. It has state-of-the-art technology that enables VeriData to complete a basic investigation in 24 hours and a comprehensive investigation in fewer than five days.

Taking advantage of VeriData's secure interactive web site, you can place your order for our services online, read the resulting report there and print it out, as well. Every report is archived for one year.

VeriData is a cost-effective provider of investigative services. Its comprehensive automated capabilities translate into lower rates for you.

Find out more about how VeriData Services can go to work for you by completing our contact form, or calling (800) 787-2675.

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